Tuesday, August 23, 2011

England: Final Weeks in Angleland

 The beginning of our stay in England was relaxed and went by slowly, the end however sped by at a ridiculus pace. Here are some of our favorite last things we did.

Harry Potter part 2!!!! I was so excited to see this, as was Will, my stepbrother. As we'd been in Ireland when it cam out, I made everyone promise not to take William, as Brian and I wanted that honor. Apparently the temptation was too great and he watched it the weekend before we returned! I was disappointed, but we went to see it anyways and had a great time.

Here we are! Kian, Danny, Brian, Will. I was sitting between Brian and Will. My sister Kay you can't see but she sat to Kian's right. By the way that's not a peace sign, it means part TWO!

Fun in Kay's garden!:
Brian, the missionaries, and the fence they built. And then built some more. And then my Dad had to come fix some of it.
They really did an amazing job considering none of them had built a fence before!

Kay with her monster weed! 
Lisa with the thorny weeds.

James... digging(?)
Kay's beautiful HEATHER bush. ha.

Brian in "our" car. Good times. I think we put over 4700 miles on it... sorry Dad!

Lisa & James in the back seat! That's Danny Boy in the middle.

Before I left England, Cassie & I had to get out The Teeth.... for posterity's sake :)
The fun we've had with fake teeth and wigs... 

Our last meal! We ate at Danny's favorite place(s). It's a stop on the side of the motorway really, but Danny loves it because he can get A happy meal from McDonalds, popcorn chicken from KFC and an icecream from who knows where! We had fun :)

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