Tuesday, August 30, 2011

An Earley Update!

Hello! This is the first time I've blogged about what's actually going on in our lives for ages! Long overdue. My apologies. Well, here goes...

Life is good! Summer was EXCELLENT, and if you got through half the photos on the blog, you could tell we had a blast! The highlight was definitely family. One of the most special moments was being able to attend my sister's sealing, to the two gorgeous children she and my brother-in-law adopted a year or so ago. They are just great.

Other highlights include Brian being able to revisit his mission in Ireland. It was so much fun. I'd never been there and loved the people and the countryside immensely. We had a lot of fun, travelling all over, visiting the people and places Brian had served around. We've agreed that if all goes well, this summer we'll head over to my mission... SAN DIEGO!

Right now Brian is already back at BYU, 2 days into the new semester, and I think he's really enjoying it. He's now working on campus as a peer mentor for entering freshman and he just LOVES it! He's still working in the lab (with MICE!), is planning on working a temple shift, and has a full schedule of classes so he will be BU-SY this semester. I am a little sad not to be able to hang out with him as much but we're going to just have to adapt.

As for myself, I am NOT busy. I am blissfully waiting to hear on a couple of jobs I've applied to. I am unstressed and very content with my situation, although I'm guessing I'll get a bit "antsy" as they say around here if it goes on for too long. Life truly is good and I'm excited to see where I'll get to work!

There'll be more info soon, but here's a picture I've been saving. This is my ALL-TIME favorite sign. Ever. I love Ireland.

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