Thursday, July 14, 2011

Barry's Court Castle, Ireland

We've arrived safely in Ireland! Getting here was somewhat a series of unfortunate events, but we made it! We took a 2:45am(!) ferry over to The Republic of Ireland from Wales and after we arrived I just couldn't stay awake! While I snoozed in the car, Brian found his way to Barry's Court Castle, somewhere he'd visited as a missionary. I had no idea we were going there and we had an amazing time! It was seriously the best Castle experience ever, and free too, which is always a plus. 
This is Robin, our amazing tour guide. 
This is the entrance. Most of the castle is from the 15/1600s when it was originally built.
Brian using the facilities...
Apparently a 2 seater toilet was a luxury back then. A 3 seater was extra posh (they had one of these in an upstairs room).  The toilet rooms were unisex too, which surprised me. 
Can you guess what this is...?
It's a 17th century refrigerator. They used to hang a wet cloth (the red you can see) inside a ventilated cupboard. Pretty smart, I'd say.
Brian & I in the Lord & Lady's seats! My chair was wider at the bottom to allow for my large flowing gown. Unfortunately I'd left mine at home, but it was still fun.

Any guesses what this is? It's a baby walker! I didn't know they had these back then. I'm guessing the babies just rested their armpits on the top wooden ring. Not as fun as the comfy seats with toys attached, but maybe more motivation to walk I suppose.

Brian and I having fun on the grounds.
The Tea room where we bought juice :) Very cute inside: Teacups, lace table cloths and homemade cakes!
I think the reason it stands out more than any other historical site is that it was completely restored to it's former glory. And not just from the 18th or 19th centuries (like most of the castles I've toured) but restored back to how they lived in the 1500s. Robin knew so much about it and I feel I've really learned something.Very cool.

Monday, July 11, 2011

A Vacation Within a Vacation!

In about 30 minutes we are leaving on holiday to Ireland and Scotland for almost a month! We are super-duper excited! Brian served his mission in Ireland and this is his first chance to be back, and I've never been. I'm hoping we'll have internet access so we can blog our adventures but we'll see.

First we're driving from the "East" of England to Wales to take the Ferry over to the Republic of Ireland. The ferry is at 2am tomorrow so that should be fun. We're then Bed & Breakfasting around Ireland for a bit and then up to Northern Ireland. Eventually taking the ferry over to Scotland! Whoo, this is going to be a crazy trip!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Highlights for Special Olympics 2011

Today I was looking online for my stepmum for blogs about T21 when I came across this awesome video:

Brian is in Hospital

Brian has been in the hospital for the past week and a half and he's loving every minute of it! One of the things Brian wanted to do while we were over here was to do some shadowing in a UK hospital.

He had to do a bit of paperwork and beat out a few 14 year olds, but he was eventually accepted into a work experience program at the newest hospital in town.

Here's a birds eye view of Peterborough City Hospital while still under construction:

The nicest thing about it is that it's only a 10 minute walk from our house! Brian is loving being able to spend so much time with Doctors. He's in the Musculo-skeletal ward and yesterday he got the chance to assist in making a plaster for a girl with a broken leg.

Last week Brian asked a patient (an older lady) if there was anything else he could help her with. She responded "Well, you could come home with me!" I think he's enjoying the attention :) I think he also enjoys being mistaken for a Doctor by the patients and staff.

Belated Pictures! (For Mum!)

What do Stephen Covey and Brian have in common?
Well, among other things, their Grandson! Before we left Utah we got to hang out with Brian's mission Grandson, who also served in my Mum's ward in Scotland! Small world. My mum loved him and so we were instructed to have him over for dinner! We had a great time.
The Joys of a Mac :D

Good times.
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