Monday, June 27, 2011

PYO Strawberries!

PYO (Pick Your Own) Strawberries has become a Summer tradition in my family. We used to raid my granddads garden, now we raid the fields!
Danny & Kian get straight to work.
And once we explained to William what made a good strawberry, he  was amazing! He probably collected more than anyone else!
I probably collected as many as the others, although most of mine didn't seem to make the basket :)
I think that's the best thing about PYO fields, they let you eat as many on the field as you like (free!) You just have to pay for the ones you take home. 

I know seeing strawberries growing from straw shouldn't surprise me, but somehow it did.

Strawberry Park!

Brian and Will strolling back from Strawberry picking...

Brian is excited to be William's new favorite. We gave Will the BYU visor which he loves.
He's also wearing Brian's jacket.

Yep, we're pretty cool.


Will, Brian & Danny (another little brother).

Probably the coolest swing ever!

Danny (9yrs old) & Kian (12yrs old) in the swing. Danny is Kian's Uncle.
Home again!

LONDON: Around the Town

Just LOVE that flag!

Sneaky view of another London palace. I think there are four in London alone.


Westminster Abbey, where Kate & Will were recently married.


Protesters against the war on terror. I think they're permanently settled. 

Shakespeare's Globe! We tried to get last minute tickets to Much Ado About Nothing but there were only peanut gallery tickets available :(

WC = Water Closet.
(The Loos at the Tate Modern)
(April & Ben we thought of you!)

LONDON: The Changing of The Guard

On the train to London! From Peterborough it only takes 3/4 of an hour. 
In St James's Park across from the palace there are hundreds of these fun courtesy lounging chairs. 

Wow that's a handsome man!

This is part of the crowd control for the changing of the guard.
I blew it up so you could tell he is creepily staring at us.

The crowds had already gathered when we arrived...

All nearby traffic was stopped to see the Queen's Guard make its official switch. 

Both horse guards and foot guards have been protecting royal residences since before 1660.

A closeup of those lovely hats. 

The Hidden Power of Smiling

Even more reasons to smile! :)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Arriving Home!

When I said we'd arrived, I should've mentioned that we actually got here almost 3 weeks ago! I can't believe how time is flying. Other than 2weeks in the Preston MTC, this is Brian's first trip to England and I'm having fun showing him around! Here's day one:

On the plane from Chicago to London!

I actually LOVE plane food. Pesto pasta! Yum!

Here is British food, piled high! I think Diana is trying to fatten me up...

Diana feeding the ducks that are our daily dinner guests. 

The female (on the left) was lovingly named Hacker by my 9 year old brother. Her mate on the right is NickNack.
ducks=happy :)

Monday, June 6, 2011

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