Monday, May 16, 2011

Blackfoot Randomocity

So I don't have a lot of time to describe all of the wonderful things we've been experiencing here in Blackfoot, but here's a few photos. More to come!

Idaho Falls Temple. We got to go to an awesome sealing here last weekend.
Note awesome eagle tie with Isaiah scripture written on it. Unfortunately Brian is unwilling to part from it... yet :)
The Cannery! We spent a few hours canning Chicken noodle soup. I especially like the hairnets... very swish.
Steve's Graduation @ ISU....
....complete with in-house wizard! I wish I'd captured this guy's beard better. 

The Silmarillion... and other reading adventures.
Viktor Frankl's "Man's Search for Meaning" was intense and eyeopening (and only 75 cents at D.I.!) and I'd definitely recommend it.
Weeding! Brian is becoming a pro! Look at the root on that one!
This bag does not convey the time and effort spent in filling it. 
"Shooguh" the cat. She keeps the pesky neighborhood dogs at bay!
Brian's mom's date to the movie theater! We saw Thor and had a great time with Melisa and Steve.


Brainy. Reposabal. Intelagent. Active. Nice.
During our D.I. day I found a number of precious workbooks from grade school.  This picture proves that Brian is more than a name.  It's an acronym!

D.I. day!

With school out and the summer looming, Suzie and I moved out of our comfy Provo apartment for a summer of fun. We have been in Blackfoot since April 25th. This post details one of the exciting activities that we engaged in early on in our adventures in Idaho.

D.I. day consists of going through everything that I've held dear for far too long. These are my high school cleats. They helped me through many practices and games. Unfortunately, they're too small for me (they were in high school as well), they've been repaired too many times (that's athletic tape wrapped around the toes), and I have better cleats that still fit. After 30 minutes and some heated conversation, Suzie convinced me to throw them away.

Suzie wouldn't let me keep this awesome sweater either.

Luckily, I convinced her to let me keep my security blanket :) Suzie thinks it's creepy, but clownface has been too good to me for too long.

After sending many of my childhood memories to D.I. I was able to feel at peace with my decision. Some lucky child will get this awesome radio headphones for an amazing price, tuning on the left ear and volume on the right. I realized that many of the things that I hoarded for years could be cherished by others also.
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