Saturday, March 5, 2011

Update: I got a job. You can call me Peggy.

So I finally had my immigration interview! It was fun...ish. While we were waiting one of the security officers started chatting to us. He was Navajo and really nice. He folded one of my dollars so that you could could only see a strip of George Washington's eyes, and told me, "George's watching you!" I would have put a picture up of it but I spent it. Ha.

Well, after that I got a job. At a call center. This is what I look like in my gettup:

It's fun. Except I want to quit about every 3 days. Quite stressful. I take inbound calls for people who want a credit card/have questions/are angry at the company. I really like my co-workers, and as it's just temporary I'm trying to enjoy it.This video may explain it better: 

More stories to follow!


  1. Congrats on the new job!! I can imagine how stressful callcenters can be.
    So you like your new coworkers better than your old coworkers? Lol, JK.

  2. yay for you! Daniel worked at a inbound call center for direct tv and he got some crazy's calling but he said it was way better than outbound call centers. Good Luck

  3. Thanks ladies! Haha, Tassia, no not better. But they are definitely more, um, diverse :)


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