Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Idaho Love! (Our Impromptu Blackfoot Trip)

The more I visit Blackfoot, the more I like it. Last week we realized that for my immigration interview we'd need Brian's birth certificate (something we didn't need for previous paperwork). This necessitated a quick trip to Blackfoot...

Woohoo! Gotta love Idaho!
While snapping this shot I got honked at by several fellow Idaho enthusiasts.

You can't tell (much to his dismay) but Brian actually jumped pretty high for this picture.

Idaho is for lovers!

We watched part of the superbowl with Brian's parents Sunday night. About the 3rd quarter, I started feeling really nauseous.  (It was either the unhealthy amount of clam dip, chips, popcorn, and crackers I ate or the crazy half-time performance... ) Anyway, we decided to go for a walk, and Idaho is cold.

A good friend once told me that "If you work it, it's worked!"
Here I am "working" my walking outfit. To create the full effect, you will need:
1 hat, 2 scarves, 2 coats, 1 pair of mittens, 1 pair of your husband's old running shoes, and your regular clothes.

Though only in Idaho for about 11 hours (6pm Sunday-5am Monday), we seemed to get a lot done. Along with collecting Brian's Birth Certificate, walking, and watching the Superbowl; we were able to help with some technical difficulties.
Here's me helping Brian's mom figure out some things for her new blog.
Oh, and the blanket is because (I repeat) Idaho is cold!  :)

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  1. Suzie you are so cute! Makes me want to go to Idaho right now x


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