Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Celebrating Canada Day, Eh! (Well, what we thought was Canada Day...)

So I only just found out it wasn't Canada Day, eh. So sad! Those honor's hosers*... The embarrassing thing is that we tried to sing Canada's national anthem while we were skating, it's a good thing we only know the first 2 lines... 
*Sorry if this is an offensive word in Canada... They used it a lot in Strange Brew so I figure it's free game... 

Brian being in the Honor's Program means we get discounted tickets to performances at BYU, and sometimes free stuff! Saturday night was free ice-skating (complete with hot chocolate and Krispy-Kremes) at 7 Peaks. Apparently to celebrate Canada Day.
We were excited! Ice-skating is so much fun! And Canada is cool! 
The rink. This whole rink was reserved just for us honorable peeps :)
I hadn't been in years and it was only Brian's second time. 

2 minutes in the penalty box for you!
 It was a great night! I got to hold hands ice-skating for the first time (awwww:), neither of us fell, and we got to dip krispy-kremes into our delicious hot chocolate! Yum! We ended the night watching The A-Team with friends. Lovely!


  1. LOL! Sorry suz but at quick glance it looks like you caught Brian on the toilet.

  2. HAHAHAHA- I'm Canadian and I enjoyed this post.


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