Friday, February 4, 2011

7 Signs I'm Turning Into My Mother...

My mum is great. When people ask me about her I tend to describe her as a cross between Mrs Weasley from Harry Potter, and Mrs Bennet from Pride and Prejudice. (If you've ever met her, you know what I mean.) We've always had a great relationship, but no-matter how much you love your mother, discovering that you're turning into her is always a shocking revelation. Here are my latest discoveries:

  1. I suddenly love to cook. (Marriage has definitely been the catalyst.) Like mum, I also don't tend to use recipes... usually turning out well. Also while cooking, I somehow make as much mess as she does too.
  2. I am incapable of being productive without some sort of list. 
  3. I love being at home. Going from 3 jobs, planning a wedding, finals, graduation, etc, to *nothing*, was really difficult for me. I felt completely unproductive. But now after 6 months of obligated homemaking, I am sad to be finally entering the workforce.  
  4. Crafts. I hated crafts, mum hated computers. The only way I'd craft is if I could teach her how to use the internet. Now I actually enjoy making crafts! (And my mum knows how to email, use skype, and follow blogs all on her own!)
  5. Our choice of movies and books are becoming increasingly similar... Mainly featuring dramas from the BBC/A&E...
  6. Matchmaking. (This is where the Mrs Bennet comes in.) Though I try to suppress it, the urge to marry off my single family members and friends has definitely increased.
  7. Crying! We used to make fun of my mum for crying through Disney's, but now I find myself getting teary-eyed during sad movies, happy movies, while reading the BOM, and watching youtube videos like this one… It's embarrassing... (I just just watched it again...)
Here she is! With my niece Kyan and sister Kay. Love you mum!


  1. WOW! In this case I would have to say that you and your mother are both equally beautiful souls! I'm sure that with those British accents you are also irresistable! Ello! LOL. love you Suz! Mel

  2. Hello my Suzie. Christine at Church said she had been looking at your blogg about turning into me,
    you do know Auntie Val always said you were a little me and now it's official....and here am I commenting on your bloggsite isn't life great.


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