Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Photography Attempt #1: Coming Home From Campus

I love photography! (Though it mostly involves looking at other peoples' work.) It's amazing how creative people can be. It's inspired me to try and take better photos. Here's my first attempt:

Descending the Slippery Slopes of Campus

"Southern Desert Shrubland." Ha.

One of the newly renovated walkways. 

Down to the Duckpond 

Creeper Duckpond Shot. (I wish I'd gotten a better angle for this one...)

Quacky Congregation... I really have no idea how/why they stay here in Winter.
Anybody have an idea?
Well, that was attempt number one! It was fun to experiment and see how they turned out. Hopefully I'll improve with practice! If anyone has any tips let me know :)


  1. Hi Suzie! That's awesome that you're getting into photography! Love the first stairs shot in particular. I look forward to seeing more of your work!

  2. Love your photos, it also makes me homesick for beautiful byu!

  3. Thanks for visiting... I am actually in the US too... AND in Utah! :) I love the pics of your dream houses... what a fun idea to have a date jar. Hubby and I need to do that, we always end up at dinner and a movie...


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