Monday, January 24, 2011

My Friends, the Maintenance Guys....

You know something's up when the people who visit your apartment the most are your building's maintenance crew. Here are some things they have "visited us" for in the past 5 months:

  1. 2 sets of broken blinds (both replaced)
  2. Leaking a/c vent (checked... turned out to be condensation)
  3. Broken vacuum from before I was born (replaced)
  4. Bugs in some of the lower cupboards in kitchen (sprayed)
  5. Shower-bath lever broken (replaced)
  6. Shower leaking & broken knob (separate incident, replaced)
  7. Toilet plugging (snaked)
  8. Exploding burner that shut off all power (replaced, power reinstated)
  9. Kitchen sink overflow, courtesy of neighbor's dishwasher... (ongoing)
Yep, the saga of the sink continues. Fortunately our kind neighbors have agreed not to use their dishwasher for the next couple of days. When they ran it the sink produced about (not kidding) 30 gallons of water(!) that we transferred to an outside water feature... 

Here's the current state:
Woohoo! The plumber just turned up.... :)

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