Thursday, January 20, 2011

Belated Graduation Pictures!

With finals, family flying in, graduation, a sealing, 2 receptions and a honeymoon all taking place in less than 10 days, my graduation got a bit shafted. We did have a great time though. I was really mad I had to dress up both days, but I quickly got over it and even endured the incredible heat. It was the first official graduation thing I'd ever even been to, but I really got into it. I even rang the victory bell outside the Marriott Center!

The sun was really bright... :)

My mum, Brian, me, my Dad, and sister Kay.

Brian's dad & mom, Brian, me, and Brian's sister Melisa.
Melisa and I are obviously looking at a different camera... 

"Next stop, a work permit!" (Which still hasn't arrived.) 

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