Friday, December 16, 2011

Exciting News!

Well, exciting and rather sad too...

We are moving!

It all transpired over the last five and a half days...

Sunday night we were spending some time with friends who are about to leave for eight months on two consecutive internships when they mentioned that they hadn't sold their contract yet. We joked about, and then seriously started discussing, the possibility of taking it over. Because our apartment is in a great location, comes furnished, and is somewhat affordable, it's become pretty popular for newlyweds and thus there is generally a waiting list.

Someone came to see our apartment on Wednesday night and straight afterwards went and signed the contract. It all seems to be going pretty smoothly now but I am still really sad to be leaving my ward! Luckily we'll be staying in the same stake so I expect we'll be bumping into old friends pretty frequently.

Now it's time to pack!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Date Jar Idea List

A while ago I wrote this post about our homemade date jar. Yesterday I shared the date idea list on my Relief Society's blog (the women's organization of my church) and realized that the links on my original post don't work... whoops!

Here is the full list of ideas, plus check out this site for even more fun inexpensive date ideas!

Build a den (fort)
Make a music video
Do some Sudoku
Have an eating contest
Get a milkshake
Have a home cinema experience (popcorn & tickets)
Learn a new language
Do some yoga
Go and play mini golf
Learn about loving thy neighbour
Have a 10 second kiss
Write a poem for each other
Do a finger painting with each other
Prepare a package or letter for a missionary
Make a family motto and make a sign for it
Snuggle and watch a film (movie) in bed
Learn to plait (braid) wifey’s hair
Learn about being a disciple
Go swimming
Decide on some long term goals
Have a paper aeroplane competition
Massage each others feet
Get some penny sweets
Read each others palms
Write a journal together
Read a children's story and act it out
Draw a caricature of each other
Do a workout
Have a 20 second kiss
Play card games
Cook a gourmet meal
Read our favourite scriptures
Have a 30 second kiss
Have dessert for dinner
Have a yummy dessert
Play a board game
Send e-mails to old friends
Search e-bay
Rent an old movie
Study about the Atonement
Write 2 more ideas for the jar
Play dressing up- have a themed night
Play noughts and crosses (tic-tact-toe)
Go fishing
Fly a kite
Do teddy bear rolls (?)
Roast marshmallows in the garden (yard)
Play the Chocolate game
Prepare and share your talents
Do some family history
Watch comedy on YouTube
Have a carpet picnic
Do a photo shoot
Go and buy food we’ve never tried
Do something round the house that needs doing
Write a story or two
Learn how to pickle onions
Learn about a story from the scriptures than you are unfamiliar with
Do something you haven’t done in years
Share childhood memories
Pay it forward (do some service for someone who hasn’t done anything for you)
Get some takeout
Make a treasure hunt
Have a film marathon
Go to the nearest park and play on the swings
Plan a trip to a museum
Take a walk down ‘memory lane’
Make a cake together and decorate it saying ‘I Love you!’
Arrange a FHE with the missionaries and their investigators
Design your dream home, then compare ideas
Read your patriarchal blessings together
Get up really early and go somewhere to watch the sunrise
Find something to watch on
Go to the shops with a budget of £2 for each other…..see what you can come up with!
Do a cookie drop- make/buy some cookies and drop them on a neighbours doorstep with your testimonies attached, knock on the door and then run!
Dance together to a song you liked when you were dating
Make a list of the goals you want to accomplish in one, five, ten, or twenty-five years. Seal these lists in envelopes with a “to-open” date written clearly on the front.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Should Christian women wear bikinis?

I thought this was so interesting!

Food Storage Nastiness...

You may remember me mentioning in past posts that Brian's parents are very generous in sharing with us their food storage whenever we venture to Blackfoot. This, for the most part, has been wonderful: a complete win-win situation. They win by ridding themselves of food (guilt-free!) that they would never have used anyway, and we get to save hundreds of dollars by creating new ways to eat it. It's been a fun challenge, honestly.

Unfortunately, sometimes the final products don't turn out quite right... 

Yesterday Brian needed a treat for the Freshmen he works with, so I whipped up some cake-mix cookies using this Devil's Food Cake mix. They looked ok, smelled ok, but tasted GROSS! Something was seriously wrong. Then I realized my fatal error: I hadn't checked the expiration date on the box! I am usually such a nazi about these things... 

If you look really closely - maybe try squinting - you can probably see it on the box top....

Yep. Sep 09 00. 


To the people who say such items never go bad... send me a message sharpish and I will gladly mail you some! (After retrieving them from the garbage:)  

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Merry Christmas & Stocking Filler Ideas!

This is the first year I have been independently excited for Christmas! Usually I'm the last person to put on Christmas music or feel a desire to decorate... Not sure what's changed but I'm loving it!

Here is a list of 150 stocking fillers I came across on Pinterest this morning. I've personalized it a little by removing some things I wouldn't want (and don't know anyone who would) and added things I would love! The list was originally found here :) And anything in italics is what I've added.

1. $5 gift cards (Starbucks, McDonalds, Amazon, Borders etc).

2. A favorite candy (my mom always got us those plastic candy canes filled with M&M's)

3. Decorative cupcake liners (I found some great ones here)

4. A favorite magazine

5. Camera strap cover Nuts 

6. Packets of flower or herb seeds for planting

7. Personalized stationary

8. Slipper socks

9. Silly putty (another thing I always got as a kid) or play dough!

10. Rubber coated paddle attachement for a mixer like this one

11. Monogrammed iPhone Case Crazy Straw

12. Nail polishes

13. Sharpie Pens

14. Chapstick

15. Hair bands

16. Small crosswords puzzle Sudoku book

17. Crayons

18. Body wash

19. Piggy Bank with coins

20. Personalized M&M's that say Merry Christmas Chocolate Coins - tradition!

21. Clip on book reading lamp

22. Measuring spoons or cups

23. Cute wine stopper Slinky

24. Scarf

25. Stickers

26. Monogrammed coasters (there's a great how to here)

27. Lottery tickets Bouncy Balls

28. Deck of playing cards

29. Rubix cube

30. Loofa

31. Hair clips

32. Cuticle set

33. Jewelry

34. Batteries

35. Cooking extracts - vanilla, mint, orange etc.

36. Mittens

37. Scented candles (this site always has things like that & you get a credit for signing up)


39. Fishing lures

40. Knitting or Crochet needles

41. Lotion

42. Play Dough Homemade gift certificates/coupons (eg 30 min massage, one night for dishes, or ten minutes later to bed for the kids)

43. Golf tees or balls

44. Matchbox cars

45. Memory card

46. Cd's

47. Tools

48. Wash/Dish rags

49. Diaper genie refills (you laugh, but I would love those in my stocking!) Build-your-own-airplane toys

50. Specialty olive oils Fruit Snacks

51. Eyeshadow

52. Unusual pastas Forever Stamps

53. From the Kitchen of labels Car Air Freshener

54. Gardening gloves

55. Tickets to the aquarium or that other thing they love 

56. Address book

57. An orange - to shape out the toe of the stocking! We always had a few Tangerines... the smell still reminds me of Christmas morning!

58. Ice scraper

59. Small digital camera

60. A teasing comb for all the southern girls

61. Cookie cutters

62. A good book

63. Retractable ID or key holder

64. Makeup bag

65. Nice wooden spoons

66. Gift card to go see a movie

67. USB Drive

68. Small photo frames

69. Wallet

70. Personalized water bottle A Contigo Waterbottle

71. Speciality teas - here is one of my favorites Gum, Mints, and/or Altoids

72. Garden markers (for herbs etc)

73. Scented antibacterial kitchen hand soap

74. Pumice stones

75. Travel sized games (connect four, uno, etc)

76. Gourmet spice mixes

77. Small sketchbook & Crayons/Markers

78. Fridge magnets

79. Stencils for crafting

80. Tickets to go see a musical performance

81. Kid paint set

82. Extra Wii controllers

83. Small calendar for your purse/backpack

84. PJ's

85. Wristlet to hold a small digital camera like this one

86. Wine glass charms Bubble Bath 

87. Freezable teether's

88. Osis Dust It Cute Journal

89. Monogrammed onesie or tee

90. Money clip

91. Set of markers

92. Gourmet hot chocolate like this one

93. Ring holder

94. Wine aerator Jerky Sticks

95. Cufflinks

96. Pedometer

97. Personalized purse mirror like this one

98. DVD's

99. Cell phone car charger

100. Child sized harmonica

101. Luggage tags

102. Personalized coffee cup/mug

103. Travel alarm clock

104. Baby legs Fake Mustaches/side burns/teeth

105. Personalized mom bracelet or necklace with children's birthstones

106. Perfume/Cologne

107. Speciality chocolates such as See's

108. Mini tripod

109. Cute umbrella

110. Earbuds

111. Flower bulbs

112. Monogrammed baby wipes case (this site always has unique kid gifts on sale - you have to sign up for free, but it's a great resource!)

113. Passport holder

114. Raw honey like this

115. Small digital picture frame

116. Webkinz Video Game

117. Snow cap

118. Digital luggage scale: here's one

119. Chalk

120. iTunes giftcard

121. Digital measuring tape

122. Bubbles

123. Watch

124. Wine thermometer Musical toothbrush

125. Tickets to the zoo

126. Speciality coffee Copies of Home Movies

127. Bath toys

128. Monogrammed burp rags

129. Makeup brush set

130. Binoculars

131. Barbies

132. Child "character" flashlights

133. Jewelry box

134. Recipe cards

135. Swiss Army knife

136. Belt

137. Small lint roller

138. Key chain

139. Baby rings to attach toys to a carseat

140. Coloring book

141. Birthstone earrings

142. Throwback candy - Pez dispensers, pop rocks, nerds, fun dip.

143. Kindle

144. Scrapbooking supplies

145. Personalized fortune cookie (you can have your own message put into them)

146. Universal remote

147. Hand sanitizer

148. Silly Bandz Travel-Sized Shampoo/Conditioner/Face Wash, etc

149. Family Christmas ornament

150. A handwritten note from Santa
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