Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Losi & Dom's Wedding!

Here are some photos from my friend Losi's wedding reception, December 4th 2010. We'd never been to a Tongan reception, so were obviously excited! It was so much fun. We went with Nicole and Conrad, which was great, as we had a while to chat before the celebrations began.

While we waited for the wedding party, we were served various courses of fruit and coconut-bread pudding(?). It was nice. The main meal was impressive too! No roasted pigs, but every other kind of meat you could think of! And cooked in every way, too! (Or not cooked... Brian found out that what we thought was coleslaw was actually some kind of sushi.... :)

After a few hours, the entertainment section began! (In-between Tongan speeches from the bride and groom's fathers and others from the paternal sides.) At one point they got Losi and Dom to come up and dance, it was fun. She looked so beautiful, and he looked so happy! It was wonderful.

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