Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Losi & Dom's Wedding!

Here are some photos from my friend Losi's wedding reception, December 4th 2010. We'd never been to a Tongan reception, so were obviously excited! It was so much fun. We went with Nicole and Conrad, which was great, as we had a while to chat before the celebrations began.

While we waited for the wedding party, we were served various courses of fruit and coconut-bread pudding(?). It was nice. The main meal was impressive too! No roasted pigs, but every other kind of meat you could think of! And cooked in every way, too! (Or not cooked... Brian found out that what we thought was coleslaw was actually some kind of sushi.... :)

After a few hours, the entertainment section began! (In-between Tongan speeches from the bride and groom's fathers and others from the paternal sides.) At one point they got Losi and Dom to come up and dance, it was fun. She looked so beautiful, and he looked so happy! It was wonderful.

Divine Comedy - Now THATS what I call... LDS Singles

Umm.... really funny :)

Divine Comedy is a group of BYU students who put on a comedy show for other students and visitors. I hadn't seen a show in ages when I came across this one on Youtube. Oh, and don't be put off by The Notebook picture. It's good :)

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Festival of Trees!

Every year for the past 40, hundreds and hundreds of donors buy and decorate Christmas trees, wreaths, make center pieces, and other random things to be sold or auctioned at this humongous event. This year, money raised goes to the Primary Children's Medical Center. My previous roommate Rachel invited me and it turned out to be a lot of fun!

The first thing we heard when we walked into the expo center was the children's choirs singing Christmas songs. There were two stages at opposite ends of the building. We watched choirs and dance performances to break up the 2 hours of walking we did... Which didn't even allow us to see half the trees!

First we checked out the gingerbread houses! This one was ridiculous! I don't even want to imagine how long it took to make. That's Santa Claus at the front on a 4-wheeler. Ha. There were so many other amazing ones but my camera was low on battery power. :(

This is one of my favorite "Christmas trees"! The wave effect was created by bending over 4 Christmas trees. I didn't get it in the picture but to the right there was the funniest snorkeling elf. I also like the flippers coming out of the wave.

Many of the trees were donated and decorated by companies, and most of them came with a crazy amount of extra stuff! Instant Christmas in terms of decorations and gifts! Jet Blue had a cool tree too, but the coolest thing was that buying it also bought you 2 tickets to anywhere! I'm guessing that one sold pretty fast!

I think this is my favorite, most bizarre thing. It's a puzzle of a house that someone has taken parts out of, and stuck pictures of Christ underneath. The sentence underneath reads:

"Pictures of Christ around the home make it brighter."

Yep, I couldn't help but giggle. A lot.

Here, Santa is featured driving an Elf around in a carriage. I like it, it's fresh. I am especially glad that Santa is the designated driver, because that Elf looked suspiciously high!

Me and Rachel! We had a great time but we were both pretty tired of tinsel by the end of it.
Good times! Thanks for inviting me, Rach!

A Proper English Dinner!

Yep, here it is. I cooked my first authentic English dinner a wCheck Spellingeek or two ago, and here is the proof. Family, be prepared to be impressed :)

But first, for the sake of comparison, let us admire a picture of a REAL Proper English dinner, piled high:

And without further ado, here is my attempt:

I know, I know.... Beautiful, right?!


It would've made a better picture had I not eaten half of it already! It really was delicious...

Here's what makes it a Proper English Dinner:
  • Mashed potatoes (preferably accompanied by roast potatoes, of course)
  • Gravy! (This is obviously not Proper English Bisto, but anything is better than nothing)
  • SEVERAL types of vegetables (at least 3, excluding potatoes). Popular choices are carrots, brocolli, sweet corn (aka corn), roasted parsnips, peas, runner beans, cauliflower, Brussels Sprouts, and cabbage. 
  • Smallish serving of meat (roast chicken is my family's preference) and, of course...
  • Yorkshire puddings! (I hear the secret to making good Yorkshires is to talk to them... I think mine could have done with a little more conversation!)
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