Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Kitchenaid Triumph & Guy Fawkes!!

This was a good night!

November 6th 2010
My Kitchenaid Triumph! Finally got up the nerve to turn it on. Well... Brian may have turned it on, but I had a lot of fun finishing up the cookies. I've used it loads since then. We made some quick and easy peanut butter cookies to take to Guy Fawkes Night at the Humphries'.

This "guy" didn't burn so well as it was made out of vines, it was fun trying though!
There were a lot of fun people there. I've been going to Steve's Bonfire night for years now, and there are always the regulars. This year though, Brian and I had a lot of fun chatting to a South-African family. They were hilarious! We talked about the Green-Boks and Mandela, it was very enlightening :)

These were my favorites, the "mini-guys", bearing a strong resemblance to voodoo dolls! ha. The kids had fun making them in the Humphries' kitchen and then dangling them over the fire with marshmallow roasting sticks.

S'mores!! Yummmmm! Here is Brian tackling his double-decker s'more! He roasted like 9 marshmallows at once.

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