Thursday, November 4, 2010

I think I'm afraid of my Kitchenaid....

There it is.... Lurking in the corner.
A couple of weeks ago in Relief Society (a women’s meeting we have at church) a lady gave a wonderful object lesson about being grateful for the gifts God has given us. She talked about how she’d always wanted a certain kitchenaid accessory and was convinced that it would greatly add to her baking success and save her time and effort. When her husband bought it for her at Christmas, she barely used it and continued to use her kitchenaid as she had done previously, without the accessory. We talked about a lot of things from there: How God gives us gifts we ask for but don’t use, etc. All I could think of was I’ve never even used my kitchenaid! Let alone an accessory!”

It’s not that I don’t bake, or have use for it. I do. Often my arm is aching by the time I remember I even own a kitchen aid. Also, I think it scares me. Not in any rational way, but in the same irrational way that my mother is scared of the computer. She’s worried she’ll break it or won’t be able to use it properly, and in any case whatever she needs can be got with a bit extra effort some other way.

Originally my mother bought it to help her bake the plethora of cakes she made for my wedding reception, and then left it to me as part of our wedding present. Since then I haven’t touched it, except to edge it a little further into the corner. It still even has a smear of cocoa on the outside from when my mum was here.

However, I think there is hope. If my mother can learn to turn on a computer, and now even use facebook to a limited degree, I think I can manage to set up the kitchenaid and take it for a spin. We'll see how it goes....


  1. hi Suzie! I bet you will use it a lot this holiday season and you will LOVE it when you have kids. I have wanted one of these too but I am too scared to buy one because I am too scared I will not use it :) so you are one step ahead of me!!


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