Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Marriage improves health!

A Marjorie J. Hinckley lecture given in February 2010 discusses evidence that being married positively affects emotional, physical, and mental health. Linda J. Waite from the University of Chicago is the lecturer.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Some Goals...

Recently I've felt like I should memorize the Family: Proclamation to the World and The Living Christ. Then, suddenly I started hearing and reading stories about how people have done this and it has changed them and their family life for the better. These are a couple of my goals. Another one is to finally finish with all of our legal stuff for permanent residency by Saturday the 23rd of October. The last goals for now are to keep up with my French (to improve it) and to begin learning Spanish. I've been thinking about that for a while too and have since also come across so many useful bi or trilingual people. I figure writing it on a blog helps me stay accountable.... right? Feel free to ask me about my progress everyone :)

Addicted: "Carry On, Mr Bowditch"

So, Brian has to read a lot of books to fulfill his Honor's Literature requirement. Sometimes, the books he read are interesting. Occasionally, they are completely addictive! Carry On, Mr Bowditch is not only well-written but is captivating. The characters are so likable yet human. The book follows the unlikely successes of Nat Bowditch. Nat's family is poor. To save money, Nat is "indentured" from age 12-21 as a book keeper for a sailing supplies company. He is extremely gifted with numbers, and this talent (coupled with his insatiable desire to learn) takes him on amazing adventures. I love it because it inspires me to learn better, and to teach others too. Brian and I read it together on journeys, for our FHE activity and every evening we were free. It took about a week. Great book.

Brian's also blogged about it. To read his comments, click here.

Wedding Pictures!

Hey everyone! Sorry it's taken so long. Here's a link to our photographer's website with a selection of our photos. Enjoy! :)


Friday, October 1, 2010

Outside the box

BYU Professor Scott Holden teaches his students the art of the "bowed piano". It's impressive and weird and I'm guessing you probably won't listen to more than a couple of minutes :)

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