Monday, September 27, 2010

Yeah, my niece is pretty cool.

Everyone, meet Kyan, my creative niece. She's only been in Senior School for a few weeks and already she's been recognized for her artistic talents. Senior School in England is like High School. Except you start at age 11/12 (depending on when your birthday falls) until 18. One of the big differences in England though (from the US) is that you can quit as soon as you take your GCSE examinations or turn 16, whichever comes first. Crazy. Anyways, back to Kyan.... So she's already in 3rd place in her college for points (kind of like the house points in Harry Potter, but for her individually). Then my Sister gets called into school, not because Kyan's in trouble, but to tell her she's scoring in the gifted and talented percentiles. She may also be able to take her Art GCSE next year because she tests so highly, when she should really be ready for it when she's 16! Needless to say, I am a very proud aunt!


  1. wowzers I didn't know that!!! go kyan!!!

  2. She is super talented and super lovely (like her Mum and all her Aunts)! If she doesn't grow up to be a great artist/fashion designer I'll be shocked. The next thing I know she'll be going to Uni. Scary how time flies.


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